Please continue to pray for the hostel and region. And give thanks for the amazing response to the appeal to support the hostel so they can continue to offer educational opportunities for marginalised students from remote areas.

An amazing $27,770 has been raised – THANK YOU. Photo shows the first boys to return to the hostel with their Boarding Master. They send their grateful thanks and best wishes to us.

Our contact in Sindh shares: “We have been extremely encouraged by the response from NZ to provide support for the Mirpurkhas hostel in its unexpected situation. It is no small thing that even as NZ has experienced constraints that people have reached out and been generous in allowing these boys to continue and complete their studies. Talking to returned students, I was both amazed at their resilience, hearing challenging stories of the floods and the impacts of lockdown on rural communities but also of what they had done for their families and communities over this time.

One boy had helped rebuild a local primary school which fell down in rains, one had run classes for children, all had worked, when possible to get income for their families (mostly as labourers in the fields and one in a dispensary, except for the very strict lockdown time when no-one worked). Most had tried to continue studies in the evenings so as not to get behind (they have no internet facilities like city students, for many whose classes continued online). The boys are really pleased to be back and motivated to work hard in this short academic year (end of year exams are expected March-May). News has just come in that last years’ matric students got excellent results, mostly A or A1, which we are thrilled by.”