Each of the three tikanga of the Anglican Church (Māori, Pākehā & Pasifika) have their own Missions Council which supports the work of Anglican Missions. The Overseas Mission -Tikanga Pakeha Council, or OM-TP, comprises representatives from each of the seven Pākehā Dioceses, as well as representatives from the Association of Anglican Women (AAW), the House of Bishops and the Anglican Missions Board.

Funding to the OM-TP for 2020 will be used to enable short-term missions trips from parishes across New Zealand to countries such as Papua New Guinea, and to the Diocese of Polynesia and Anglican churches in Melanesia. Over the past few years there have also been short-term mission trips to Kenya and SE Asia, and a regular trip by Anglican Youth Ministries to Fiji.

The benefits of such trips are to those receiving the ministry, who are encouraged by practical help and the knowledge that Christian brothers and sisters are upholding them in prayer; and to those going to share and serve. There are many instances where those who have gone have experience a real stirring of God’s spiritual and practical gifts as well as gaining a long-term interest in the importance of overseas mission. One of the criteria for short-term missions trips is that those going are required to report back to the sending parishes/Dioceses.

Information on previous grants are available as well as contact details for OM-TP and an application form to apply for funding on this website. Closing dates for funding applications in 2021 to be advised.

If you and/or your Parish would like to support the work of OM-TP through your missions giving please let us know.

Read the report of Churton Park, Wellington Parish trip to India, Oct 2019

Golden Oldies Missions are also run regularly from NZ to Fiji. These mission trips are self-funding – see

From their website: “Our little can really make a big difference’ was how one Golden Oldie summarised this mission to Fiji. Returning annually over the past 5-years to build on established relationships continues to strengthen the Fiji Churches-Golden Oldies mission partnership.”  

An excerpt from an earlier Golden Oldies Missions-Update Newsletter:

”We continued to build relationships and partnerships with remote villages, Nasouri hospitals, Basden College, St Christopher’s, the Happy Home, an Old People’s home, a local prison, Sigatoka kindergarten, and a number of churches. … we held workshops at the Cathedral on Sunday school training, prayer ministry, crafts, painting, property maintenance, small business, did health checks for diabetes…”